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Looking for a place to interact with your team but don’t want to get messy with coding? Then look no further than our team section. It allows you to interact with other teams, challenge them to duels but also interact with your members!



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  • Tournament system that allows you to set up your own challenges!
  • Challenge teams or individuals to a match!
  • Fight the best and make your mark in Battlefront!
  • Create and manage your teams
  • Predefined page layout for your team
  • Interact with your team members in private forums
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  • Easily recruit people to your team!
  • View extensive Star Wars Gaming resources for current and upcoming games!
  • Vote for your favorite, maps, weapons, heroes and game modes!
  • See where the community stands about the best maps, weapons, heroes and game modes!
  • Get the latest news on Star Wars games via our news section!
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