Mod Watch: 2 mods focusing on unreleased SWBFII content

author image by Elr1c | Mods | 0 Comments | February 8, 2018

Picture on the cover by Cinematic Captures.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have learned about a number of different news about upcoming content coming to Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). With the SWBFII’s Design Director providing more information this week, fans are certainly eager to get more content. Some, of course, don’t want to wait until DICE releases new content! Two extremely talented modders created two impressive mods about announced and rumored content. Check them out!


Bespin Arcade: mod by Uninspired Zebra

Recently, we wrote about a rumor claiming that Bespin was making a return to Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). As expected, fans were very excited about the possibility. Bespin was probably one of the most popular DLC of the original SWBF developed by DICE. While we have no confirmation about the leak itself, we did end up getting a mod.

Its creator, Uninspired Zebra, is a very talented SWBFII fan you might have heard in the past. They have been the source of many SWBFII leaks since they tend to go through the game’s files every time a new patch gets released. More recently, they have created a mod that brings Bespin to the latest version of the game.  The mod is quite extensive since it reuses content found in the single-player campaign. It also replaces the main loading screen with a beautiful picture of Bespin that certainly contributes to making the completeness of the mod.


Jetpack Cargo: mod by Derwangler

Yesterday, SWBFII’s Design Director Dennis Brännvall offered a number of updates about the future of the game. Among those updates, was the fact that Jetpack Cargo will be available with the next patch. Currently, we don’t know when the new patch is going to land so some fans decided to take things into their own hands. More specifically, they decided to create an impressive jetpack cargo mod while we wait!



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