4 fan-made remakes of classic Star Wars games you need to check out!

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Star Wars games always seemed to carry a timeless element with them. Especially those games that came out decades ago, still seem to be the topic of discussion even today. Fans usually to compare current games with the old and think about the great experiences of the past.

At the same time, some more dedicated fans decided to take things into their own hands. Small groups of very talented people, decided to remake some of these game with modern graphics. Needless to say, they look impressive. Here’s four that caught our attention.


X-Wing Alliance shader mod

X-Wing Alliance was the fourth game of the extremely successful X-Wing series. The game introduces a new character called Ace Azzameen who starts neutral but finds himself in the middle of the Galactic Civil War.

A new shader mod developed by Alaska Works has refreshed the graphics of the game. It makes it look more like something that was released recently than something that came out in 1999! You can get the instructions on how to download and install the mod from the Alaska Works website.


X-Wing Shader Mod

X-Wing was a space combat simulator that was released in 1993 and became a fan-favorite. It allowed you to fly with iconic Star Wars ships and participate in well-known battles. Its release was also the beginning of a series of expansions and X-Wing based games that lasted for over a decade.

Some fans decided to bring this classic game back to life and update its graphics so they can make use of the latest technologies. What they have created so far, looks pretty amazing. You can track their progress via the MODDB.com website and see what they’re up to.


Republic Commando remastered

Republic Commando launched in 2005 and is another fan-favorite game. Its plot follows the story of Delta Squad and takes place between Star Wars Episode II and Episode III. The game is still remembered today and many fans, including ourselves, would love to see a remake/sequel to it. Blackout Studio might just have just the answer.

Blackout Studios is a small group of developers who are working to update Republic Commando to Unreal Engine 4. They have made significant progress and the game looks amazing.


Apeiron: A Knights of the Old Republic Mod

Knights of The Old Republic, or KoTOR, is in our opinion the best Star Wars game ever made. It was released in 2003 and it’s a game that’s considered by many the golden standard of Star Wars games. Amazing graphics (for its time), many customization options but above all an impressive storyline that many still talk about. It was only a matter of time before fans decided to update the game.

Apeiron is a full conversion mod of the original KoTOR. It adds content, new worlds, missions, HUD, inventory, items, and customization options. It’s being developed by a small indie studio using Unreal Engine 4 and once it’s released it’s going to be 100% free to the public. You can learn and see more about Apeiron over at their website as well as their Twitter account.


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