40 new trooper and 8 hero appearances coming to SWBFII!

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The news about Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII)’s new game mode and season 2 weren’t the only things that DICE published today. The second big announcement focused on cosmetics and for both troopers and hero units. As you might remember, over the last month, the studio made a number of different Hoth-themed skins available for Luke, Leia and Han Solo. Today we learned what our upcoming skins are going to be.


Rey’s Ach-to appearance is coming to SWBFII


Hero Skins

The following hero skins will become available in the game:

  • Wounded Chewbacca, with Arm Patch
  • Scarred Kylo Ren, Patch over Scar
  • Administrator Lando, Bespin
  • Commander Iden, no Helmet
  • Hooded Yoda, pulled up Hood
  • Endor Leia
  • Endor Han
  • Ahch-To Rey

The additions will certainly add more variety to the game and help match some of these heroes with their surroundings. We can certainly see playing Endor (or even Takodana) as Endor Hoth or Leia. Out of all of these skins, the one that is probably most surprising is Chewies’ wounded skin. We’re not sure how that’s going to work and whether Chewie will be limited in terms of mobility. Our assumption is that he will not but we will have to wait and see.


Expect to see some sweet 501st skins coming your way


Trooper Skins

Troopers also got some love from DICE as part of the upcoming update. The studio announced that 40 new appearances will become available for troopers. In specific:

  • The list includes new Officer Appearances for both the First Order and The Empire.
  • Rebels will be receiving Appearances across all Trooper classes, including the Heavy Quarren Rebel and the Twi’lek Specialist.
  • Heavy Zabrak and a Duros Officer are just two of the appearances that you’ll have available when playing as the Resistance.

As we previously wrote, we expect a pretty extensive list of clone legion outfits coming to the game in addition to the ones mentioned above. In the past, a number of leaks indicated that Clone legions were already in the game with their distinct markings.

You can read the complete post right here.


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