5 great and 5 bad things in Star Wars Battlefront II by Red Wolf


In his latest video, Red Wolf takes a closer look at what makes Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) great and what doesn’t. He lists ten items that you can consider if you’re on the fence about buying the game. The recent drop in price for the game and the new progression system might have lead a lot of you to consider purchasing it. Here are some things to consider.


5 great and 5 bad things in Star Wars Battlefront II by Red Wolf


List of topics covered by Red Wolf

Red Wolf covers the following topics in his video:

  • Introduction: 0:17
  • 1st reason for playing SWBFII: 1:42
  • 2nd item that makes SWBFII great: 3:03
  • 3rd reason for playing the game: 3:24
  • 4th item that makes the game good: 4:57
  • 5th reason for trying out DICE’s latest Battlefront: 6:09
  • 1st thing that is not good in SWBFII: 7:56
  • 2nd item that needs improvement in the game: 8:52
  • 3rd thing that is bad in SWBFII: 9:36
  • 4th area that the game needs improvements: 10:58
  • 5th reason that is not good with SWBFII: 13:42



In summary

As Red Wolf states, every game has its pros and cons. SWBFII is no exception. If you want an immersive experience that takes you across all eras of Star Wars then SWBFII is your game. The amount of detail you will find in the game will please the most hardcore of Star Wars fans. Certain game mechanics are also enhancing the overall experience and give the advantage to the game over other First Person Shooters.

At the same time, certain areas need improvement to help better the experience. The Reinforcement class is one of those areas that could use a boost in terms of variety. Also, weapon balancing could certainly be one of those things that could get looked at.  DICE and EA continue to listen to community feedback and make adjustments as needed. It’s important to provide respectful feedback to the developers via social media to help the game improve.


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