5 important changes coming with SWBFII’s next updates


Yesterday’s update brought us a number of different news relating to future content about Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). The content is set to start landing on April 18 and will continue into the foreseeable future. Most of the headlines focused on the new the new game mode called Ewok Hung as well as balancing and bug fixes.

This post covers all these little changes that flew under the radar but still have a significant impact on the game.


1. It’s all about winning and…credits!

DICE decided to incentivize winning a round even more. The winning team now earns an additional 100 credit bonus for winning the round. If you ever played a round of any objective-based mode, then you know that you frequently come across teams who refuse to play the objective. Giving an extra credit bonus will hopefully give an additional reason for playing the objective. It’s a nice and subtle addition that should encourage teams to focus on what matters.

Expect your credit payoff to be increased if your team wins the round


2. Microtransactions return

The introduction of the customization system allows you to spend credits and crafting parts. After the update, you will be able to spend your credits in order to purchase cosmetic outfits. Likewise, crafting parts will be converted to skill points so you can upgrade the star cards of your characters.

Of course, there is very little mention of microtransactions. These will also return and will allow you to buy cosmetic outfits with real money should you choose to. To be clear, these have no impact on progression. In other words, you can’t pay your way to a better weapon, star card or get an advantage because you decided to spend money. What you will get however are some pretty sweet looking outfits. If you don’t want to reach for your wallet, then you can still unlock these outfits by just playing the game and earning credits. You can use your hard-earned credits to unlock any skin in the game.

Rey’s Ach-to outfit will be available on April 18


3. Legendary outfits

Like star cards, cosmetic outfits have different levels of rarity. For example, Leia’s Hoth outfit that was made available last week were all rare (i.e. blue). Speaking of legendary (i.e. purple) outfits, Electronic Arts (EA) Global Community lead Ben Walke, confirmed yesterday that legendary outfits will also be getting their own unique voice lines. In other words, when you equip your character with a particular legendary outfit, they will also say unique voice lines that are only available for that particular outfit. Ben also mentioned that other than voice lines these outfits will have some additional features. He didn’t go into detail on what these features might be.


4. Spending skill points without leaving your game

Since the new progression update went live, players can earn skill points in order to unlock higher level equipment. You can earn skill points by just playing your favorite class. The more time you spend playing a class, the more points you earn towards leveling it. Every time you move up a level, you earn a skill point that can be used to unlock a card or upgrade a star card.

Under the current system, if you happen to level your character and earn a skill point, you have to do the following:

  1. Jump out of the match you’re playing,
  2. Go to your collections screen,
  3. Choose the class, hero or vehicle you have a skill point for
  4. Select the star card you want to upgrade,
  5. Upgrade it then,
  6. Find another game to play.

This is obviously very disruptive since it requires you to jump in and out of games every time you level. DICE confirmed yesterday that as part of their May update, they will have a better way of spending your skill points without leaving the game. No further details were provided, however, this change will have a great impact on overall user experience.

5. Naboo gets a new dusk mode

If you read through the list of patch notes that we published today, then you would have seen that Naboo, Theed is getting a new day mode. In other words, you will now be able to play in Naboo during dusk. This follows DICE’s latest pattern of adding new day modes for maps in the game. So far we have day/night cycles for Tatooine Mos Eisley, as well as, Endor. Naboo is going to be the third map following the trend.


More to come

As Ben Walke pointed out, there are more changes along the way. Season 2 details have only been teased at this point but will become available the closer we get to May. It seems that there are more features under wraps that DICE/EA are not ready to reveal. We think that the release of “Solo” also contributes to this.


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