5 SWBFII Season two news that you might have missed

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The announcement of Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII)’s second season brought a range of emotions to the community. There seems to be a general concern in regards to the game and its future. This is driven by the fact that DICE hasn’t released any brand new content recently, other than limited-time game modes. We covered community reactions in a separate article.

In the meantime, there were a number of other tidbits of information that were released but didn’t get the attention they deserved.



Star Wars Battlefront II news tidbits you might have missed

1. Hero Balancing

Part of the upcoming patch will include a number of different tweaks. More specifically, Luke will see his damage output increase in his Push and Repulse abilities. In addition, Palmatine will some of his abilities getting tweaked (i.e nerfed). Lastly, Captain Phasma will most likely see a buff to her abilities. Phasma’s changes haven’t been confirmed, however, the general consensus is that it’s most likely going to be a buff.


2. Upcoming Skins

Wednesday’s patch includes the first two legendary skins ever to be implemented in SWBFII. As we wrote, they include two outfits for Lando and Leia as those were seen in Episode IV, Return of the Jedi. DICE won’t be stopping there… They will be adding more skins to the game when the June update rolls around. More specifically, 4 legendary and 1 rare skin.



3. Starfighter Assault

The big news of May’s update dealt with the addition of Starfighter Assault to single-player. The game mode was sought-after by fans for quite some time now and DICE delivered the goods. It also generated a lot of questions about how it’s going to work. Ben Walke responding to a question on Reddit revealed that the team plans to continue to update the game mode until it reaches parity with the multiplayer version of Starfighter Assault. For the version that’s releasing next Wednesday, the mode will most likely play like “blast” in space. In other words, you going up against a number of AI opponents without any specific objectives other than eliminating them.


4. State of the game

With the recent leaks posted on Reddit, there is quite a bit of anxiety within the community about the state of the game. More importantly, SWBFII fans are concerned about where the game is heading next. This anxiety is driven by the fact that DICE hasn’t released much brand new content since the first season of the game ended in January this year.

As one might expect, the first person to be tagged when concerns are raised in Electronic Arts’ Community Manager Ben Walke. Replying to a comment about the state of the game, Ben indicated that he’s currently working on an announcement about the state of the game. While no specific timeline was provided, we would be extremely interested to see what Ben will be releasing.


5. Season 2 patch notes

Usually, when new content gets pre-announced, DICE publishes patch notes shortly thereafter. With Wednesday’s announcement about the Han Solo season, this didn’t happen. Again, Ben Walke indicated that while his intention was to release them as soon as he received approvals for them, this hasn’t happened yet. We’re guessing that we should be seeing them at some point next week before the Season formally begins.

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