6 Vehicles we might see in SWBFII based on the latest “Solo” trailer


On Sunday a new trailer was released for the upcoming “Solo, a Star Wars story” movie. In a separate post, we wrote about the trailer and different glimpses it offers into the movie. Our mind, however, tends to drift towards Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) and what this trailer means for the game. From what we’ve read so far, April will bring us a new customization system in the game.

Even though it hasn’t been confirmed, we’re speculating that May will be focused around “Solo” in terms of SWBFII content. This was also something that the game’s design director, Dennis Brannvall indicated in the past with this statement:

There are a few season that are more or less locked – mainly related to when something big happens in the movie world of Star Wars. Outside of that, it’s pretty much up to the community to request things.

So what should we expect in terms of content for the game? Here are some possibilities after watching the trailer.

Disclaimer: Everything listed below is speculation on our part. Nothing has been confirmed.


Vehicles we might see in SWBFII based on the latest “Solo” trailer


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about vehicles is the Millenium Falcon.  The trailer gave us a pretty good look at Han’s ship that looked completely different to what we’re used to. The Falcon looks a lot cleaner and newer.  According to the Star Wars show, its design is inspired by legendary Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie’s early designs.

We don’t think that it’s too much of a stretch to expect this version of the Falcon to make it into the game. It’s something we could see getting implemented alongside the existing versions of the falcon from the original and sequel trilogies. Of course, we would see something like this in Starfighter Assault with Chewie, Han and possibly Lando being the pilots.

  • Possibility of happening: High
  • Rationale: It’s wouldn’t make sense to have a Solo season without Solo’s iconic ship.


2. A new TIE fighter class

During the movie trailer, one of the ships that many fans noticed was a new class of a TIE fighter. We’re not sure what it is called or what class the ship is. It is, however, an intriguing possibility for SWBFII. If Criterion, the studio responsible for Starfighter Assault,  decides to implement something like that it will be interesting to see how they do.

The main challenge would be whether this TIE will be a new ship class or an addition to existing classes. After all, Solo takes place during the time of the rise of the Galactic Empire and SWBFII already has 3 ship classes with very-well defined designs. If Criterion decides to add the ship to the game, they could add it to an existing ship class but make it era specific. In other words, make this ship available only on certain maps that align with “Solo”‘s era.

  • Possibility of happening: Medium
  • Rationale: The ship appeared consistently throughout the trailers. Whether it’s just another ship flying in the background or something central to the movie remains to be seen.


3. All-Terrain Defense Pod (AT-DP)

For the first time in the latest trailer, we got a glimpse of an AT-DP. The vehicle is supposed to be a successor to the All-Terrain Recon Transport (AT-RT) that is already in the game. It was meant to be used from different garrisons as well as provide support for larger walkers like the All-Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT).

We’re assuming that a Solo Season will bring us some maps that are based in locations already in the movie. If that’s the case, then AT-DPs could be easily the vehicle of choice for Imperials. It would replace AT-RTs and possibly All-Terrain Scout Transports (AT-ST) for these particular maps. We’re guessing that it would be an addition to the Armor class.

  • Possibility of happening: Medium to Low
  • Rationale: The AT-DP appeared in Star Wars Rebels extensively. It wouldn’t be a stretch for it to be added to the game. in the greater scheme of things, however, we’re not sure if the vehicle is representative of the movie. It would really depend on how much screentime the vehicle gets in “Solo”. The more time it gets the higher are the chances of seeing it.


4. Speeders

For Galactic Assault, an interesting possibility would be to the speeder-like vehicle seen in the trailer added to the game. The speeder seems to have the same behavior as the ones players use in Mos Eisley (X-34). We’re making the assumption that it might be a relatively easy addition from a mechanics point of view. Again, the question would be how this addition will be implemented. If a “Solo” season also brings new maps, then it would make sense to add it to a vehicle skin that’s specific to a map.

  • Possibility of happening: Medium to High
  • Rationale: The speeder made its appearance twice in two different trailers. It’s driven by no other than Han Solo and is chased by another vehicle. It’s a distinctive, unique vehicle that could represent the movie very well in the game.  The scene appears to be an important one so we could end up seeing it in-game.


5 & 6. Transport and support ships

During the trailer, we watch Solo and his crew attempting to board a train that’s moving on a mountainside. In their effort, they use a vehicle that appears only for a few seconds on the screen. It appears to be using ropes to either stop the train or lift something off the train. On the right-side of the image below we see some support ships that appear to look like speeder bikes.

We’re not sure how well something like this would fit into the game. This is primarily due to the fact that we see so little of these ships on the latest trailer. A transport ship like this could be used the same way as the U-Wing that’s currently in the game. Essentially a support ship that flies on rails and provides support to the troops on the ground.

The speeder bikes could also be an interesting addition to the existing mechanics of the game. From the very little we can see, they appear to be flying higher than just above the ground. If implemented, they could sit alongside other speeders already found in the game.

  • Possibility of happening: Medium to low
  • Rationale: Again we’re basing our speculation on the screentime these vehicles get. The scene with the train seems to be a central one in the movie where a lot of action takes place. At the same time, however, we’re not sure if these vehicles have such an important role to add them into the game.



Waiting for the latest SWBFII news

Whether these vehicles make it into the game or not, remains to be seen. Electronic Arts’ Global Community Lead, Ben Walke, admitted that he was working on an “announcement of things” recently. While the announcement is probably going to be focused on the new customization system, we might get an idea of what’s coming down the road. After the new system goes live, we will inevitably start getting more information about the movie and the upcoming season.


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