7 subtle SWBFII easter eggs that you might have missed!

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Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) gets a lot of praise for its amazing graphics, sounds, and variety of things to do. You can be a hero, a starfighter pilot or just a trooper fighting on the front lines. You instantly immerse yourself in the middle of a realistic Star Wars experience that feels as genuine as the movies. Part of the experience has to do with the fact that SWBFII has a great number of easter eggs that are spread across the game. Some are pretty obvious, while others are so subtle that you might miss in a blink of an eye. Luckily, fans of the game have been discovering them and publishing them.


1. SWBFII’s loading screen icons are the same as Rogue One’s imperial Database

Reddit user “Themodalnodes” discovered this teeny tiny detail while watching Rogue One. At some point during the movie, the protagonist Jyn Erso attempts to steal the Death Star’s plans out of an imperial database. While she’s searching, viewers get a peek of the computer’s screen Jyn is using. The same icons can be seen in SWBFII when searching for a multiplayer game.

Jyn Erso searching the imperial files


2. Captain Phasma’s blaster scope is identical to what we see in Star Wars comics

Captain Phasma was the one of the latest addition to SWBFII as part of the Last Jedi season about two months ago. She’s carrying a modified version of the standard-issue F-11D blaster. A Reddit user going by the name iGadz noticed something interesting. When zooming with Phasma’s weapon the scope looks identical to the one shown at Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Captain Phasma #1

Phasma’s scope in Marvel’s Star Wars Last Jedi, Captain Phasma (top) and in-game (bottom)


3. The symbol for the Assault’s class Toughen Up star card appears in the Clone Wars Series

Toughen Up is a star card that the Assault Class can use to regenerate its health for a brief period of time. The symbol on the star card is identical to one appearing in of the episodes of the Clone Wars series. The easter egg was found by Reddit user ESS83.

A still shot from the Clone Wars series (left) and the Toughen Up star card (right)


4. In Jakku you can actually see the droid the two factions attempt to capture

If you play Galactic Assault in Jakku, then you know that part of the mission is the capture of a droid. From one side, the First Order is trying to capture it, while the Resistance attempts to prevent them. During the battle, the teams fight for capturing different points across the map but nobody knows where the droid is… unless you’re looking really close.

The droid is visible during the second phase of the map, between the East and the West Exit. Two resistance troopers, escort it across a narrow pathway that’s inaccessible. The easter egg was found by Reddit user DYSPROssium.

A Gonk droid, slowly making its way across a pathway. 


5. Maz’s castle: A nod to older Star Wars games

This is a very subtle nod that few Star Wars fans caught. One of them, “Meme_Monarch”, noticed something very interesting. In one of the single-player campaign missions, you get to play Han Solo and visit Maz’s castle. One of the patrons of the bar Han speaks to, mentions a Czerka job that they did together back in the day. Czerka is a corporation that was heavily referenced in Knights of the Old Republic as well as The Old Republic games developed by Bioware.


Maz’s castle in single-player campaign includes a lot of nod to older games


Other nods include the reference of the “Merenzane gold” drink that Han’s friend is drinking. The drink is also mentioned in Star Wars: Galaxies as well as Empire Blues: The Devaronian’s Tale. As you start walking around, a non-playable character mentions that they sell “ancient masks and assassin Droids. Again, a very subtle reference to Knights of the Old Republic.


6. In Starfighter Assault, if you zoom in close enough, you can actually see heroes flying their ships

Starfighter Assault is probably one of the best game modes in SWBFII. Part of the game mode deals with flying with hero ships that are more powerful than regular ships. Youtube user, Harrison James, started playing around with SWBFII’s Cinematic Tools that allow you to manipulate in-game cameras. In the process, he made an interesting discovery – you can actually see character models inside the ships!

It’s worth pointing out the attention Criterion’s paid when putting together the game. The probability of spotting these in-game without the use of Cinematic Tools is probably extremely low. The developers of Criterion, however, thought that it was important to have these in-game even though very few people might have discovered them.


7. Snoke’s Throne Room from the Last Jedi is in the game!

If you watched the Last Jedi, then you know that a very important scene takes place in Snoke’s throne room. What you might not know is that the actual room is in SWBFII. Reddit user derage88, discovered it while playing around with SWBFII’s Cinematic Tools. The room is found in Starkiller Base and can be seen without the use of the tools.


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