Announcing a community effort: Map overheads for SWBFII


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If you played the original Star Wars Battlefront (SWBF) developed by DICE then you know that it came with a lot of “peripherals”. For the purposes of this article, we use this term loosely. In this case, “peripherals” refers to different features that were available for the game. Their intent was to enhance the gaming experience of SWBF fans.


SWBF peripherals

One example was the companion app that the game came with. This was certainly an interesting addition that very few expected. The app showed your personal statistics as well as different equipment options found in the game. In addition, it featured a separate strategy game called Base Command that also gained popularity with fans. Another example of a “peripheral” was Prima’s game guide for SWBF. As the name implies it was the game’s official guide and featured a plethora of information about the game including weapon, equipment, heroes, and villains information and more.


Battlefront’s companion app also offered a mini-game called Base Command


Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) peripherals

When SWBFII launched there were many fans who asked for a companion app as well as a strategy guide. For reasons that are not clear to us, DICE decided against implementing a companion app. There was also no official guide from Prima. We can only guess the reasons since the studio hasn’t offered any further information. In some ways, one could say that it indicated their overall strategy to engage with the community more and leave licensing deals behind.

Today, if you visit the official SWBFII you will see that most help guides featured on the site were developed by a community member: BattlefrontUpdates. The lack of an official game guide also served as the idea that led to the creation of this website – the Star Wars Gaming Network. Among other things, our Resources section, features one of the most detailed Star Card guides on the web, weapon listings incorporating detailed stats as well as multiple pages covering every aspect of the game.


Prima’s SWBFII guide offered some good value for SWBFI’s launch


The problem with strategy guides

Prima’s guides always incorporated interesting game information but had one problem. After launch, there were no further updates to them. Even if you bought the electronic version of the guide, they didn’t get any updates for DLC or adjustments to stats and weapons. After the first patch, they were already obsolete. That’s when the community stepped up and generated content and stats about the game. This continues with SWBFII. Both games can be found in our resources section including resources for SWBFI.

One particular feature that always caught our eye was the guide’s in-game overhead maps. They offered a bird’s eye view of the different locations you got to play in SWBF. For beginners, it was a great way to get acquainted with the maps that they were playing.

SWBFII doesn’t have an official map overhead guide or specific guides per map, so with the help of Red Wolf, we decided to change that!



Announcing a community effort: Map Overheads for SWBFII

Today we’re releasing the first map for SWBFII: Galactic Assault’s Mos Eisley. The map is one continuous interactive image that allows you to hover your cursor over different points of interest. In addition, you can launch different videos from Red Wolf and learn more about certain points of interest.

This is a first stab at creating overhead maps for the game. They won’t be perfect. At the same time, we would absolutely love to hear what would make sense to have in maps like these. For example, things that you find of value when you play SWBII from a map perspective. We can’t promise that we will add every single-thing requested but we will review every single request.

Since this is a community effort, please drop us a note and let us know if you want to get involved with it and contribute in any way. Please use the contact form of this website to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!

See the Mos Eisley’s map overhead here.


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