As SWBFII servers suffer an outage, a crazy backstory surfaces

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While Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) fans are waiting for the next season to land, the game’s servers experienced an outage yesterday. In the beginning, it created some confusion but in the end, the issue was resolved. At the same time, after the incident concluded, a really interesting backstory surfaced.



SWBFII server outage

The issue began early in the morning when many gamers reported seeing the following message:

These issues weren’t unique to SWBFII. The 2015 version of the game had the same issue as well as other Electronic Arts (EA) titles such as FIFA 2018 and more. Some fans with an interesting sense of humor started claiming that EA dropped the ban hammer to a lot of accounts. Obviously, this wasn’t the case, however, the problem persisted.

EA’s official Twitter account also acknowledged the issue with relevant tweets.


Issue resolution and aftermath

The issue was eventually resolved and the fixes were acknowledged again by the official EA help account.

According to an article over at, the issue was an orchestrated attack against Twitch streamer James “Phantomlord” Vega. Vega was targeted by a hacker group called “DERP”. Their efforts focused on taking down games that the streamer tried to play. In specific, they attacked League of Legends, DOTA 2, Club Penguin, EA as well as Blizzard’s servers. In other words, they attacked everything he tried to stream. The attack didn’t stop there…

Hackers leaked Vega’s personal info on the web, and before you know the local police showed up at his place. Supposedly, someone filed an anonymous report that Vega was holding hostages at his place. As one might expect, police showed up at his place in no time. The incident ended at this point. Phantomloard apologized for the incident since he kept streaming while the event kept unfolding. As he kept streaming more and more attacks were coming.


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