Battlefront 101: Beginner’s guide to objectives in Galactic Assault by Red Wolf


The purpose of this new series of articles is to ensure offer tips and strategies Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). These can be small tips that can help you improve your game or bigger strategies. As the column evolves we will be adding more and more information about the game. Keep in mind, we offer these with a new player perspective in mind – someone who never played any of the Battlefront games before.

The video below was put together by Red Wolf and offers a detailed introduction to playing objectives in Galactic Assault.


Beginner’s guide to objectives in Galactic Assault by Red Wolf


List of topics covered

The following topics are covered as part of Red Wolf’s video:

  • Introduction – 0:23
  • Shooting your Ion Launchers against a walker or MTT- 2:04
  • Escorting your Walker to a point – 4:54
  • Securing the area around an objective – 5:20
  • Overriding an objective – 7:15
  • Sabotaging an objective – 9:27



In Summary

As RedWolf highlights on his video, Galactic Assault can be daunting to new players. Knowing and understanding the different types of objectives and how to accomplish them is vital. The four types of objectives that are showcased in the video require different types of strategies and tactics to use.

It’s also important to understand that playing the objective will not yield a lot of kills for you. Quite the opposite actually. As Red Wolf indicates you will die a lot. Playing the objective will give you, however, a lot of battle points for you which in turn you can convert to credits. In some cases, it’s counter-intuitive to think that going for the objective and not for the kills will give you more points. In some ways, that’s DICE’s way of forcing players to play as a team instead of individual units. Once you understand, it becomes very easy to get a lot of points while helping the team secure a win.


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