Battlefront 101: How to dodge roll in SWBFII by Bloodspiller Gaming


The purpose of this new series of articles is to ensure offer tips and strategies for Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). These can be small tips that can help you improve your game or bigger strategies. As the column evolves we will be adding more and more information about the game. Keep in mind, we offer these with a new player perspective in mind – someone who never played any of the Battlefront games before.

This particular video by Bloodspiller Gaming provides strategies for survival by implementing dodge roll.


How to dodge roll in SWBFII by Bloodspiller Gaming


List of topics covered

Bloodspiller covers the following list of topics:

  • Introduction: 0:05
  • Taking a closer look at the controls used on each platform: 1:11
  • Dodge roll against lightsaber yielders: 2:o8
  • First option: Rolling straight through the enemy: 2:26
  • Second option: Dodging to the side: 2:53
  • Third option: Rolling backward: 3:03
  • Dodging blaster fire: 3:18
    • Strategy one: Dodging perpendicularly: 4:23
    • Strategy two: Dodge roll in sets of two: 4:44
  • Common mistakes when attempting to dodge roll: 5:30


CIS DroidsPicture by Cinematic Captures


In summary

As Bloodspiller covers in his video,  dodge roll can be effectively used to take you out of dangerous situations. You can increase your chances of survival and make it even more difficult for opponents to take you out. The strategies that are shown in the video will help you achieve that.

If you played the original Star Wars Battlefront that came out in 2015, then you know that things have changed in terms of rolling. Back then, a character could consistently roll around their opponent which made it difficult, if not frustrating, to hit someone. As Bloodspiller covers in his video, SWBFII has fixed this issue. You can roll into sets of two rolls before entering a cooldown period. This is an important difference to keep in mind when you attempt to dodge roll.


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