Battlefront 101: Mos Eisley Map Guide Part 1 by Red Wolf


The purpose of this new series of articles is to ensure offer tips and strategies Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). These can be small tips that can help you improve your game or bigger strategies. As the column evolves we will be adding more and more information about the game. Keep in mind, we offer these with a new player perspective in mind – someone who never played any of the Battlefront games before.

The video below was put together by Red Wolf and offers more information about Mos Eisley in Galactic Assault. As we wrote in a separate post, Red Wolf was offered to enhance the map overlays by releasing one of his amazing guides for this particular map. You will also find his video embedded with the map overlay itself.

We just started with Mos Eisley as our first overlay and plan to expand to other maps. You can see all maps in our Maps section, while the overlay for Mos Eisley itself is available right here (which also accessible from the maps section).


Mos Eisley Map Guide Part 1- Flank Routes, Popular Locations!


List of topics covered in the video

Red Wolf covers the following topics in his video:

  • Introduction – 0.16
  • Where to get the Mos Eisley Map overlay and how to use it – 1.14
  • Spawn points for both factions – 2:48
  • General rules of thumb for capturing/defending objectives  – 3:19
  • Objectives to capture/defend in Mos Eisley – 3.49
  • How AT-STs can change the course of the battle – 4.17
  • Normal routes to use in phase 1 – 5.19
  • Flanking options to use in Mos Eisley when normal routes are blocked – 6.13
  • Flanking route for the Cantina – 6.40
  • Alternative options for attacking the cantina – 7.19
  • Using a flank route to attack the Junkyard – 8.04
  • Flank routes to use for capturing the Junkyard after the Cantina is captured – 8.57


In summary

Mos Eisley is one of the most flexible maps in terms of the options you have. As Red Wolf, showcased in his video, there are many routes, strategies, and tactics you can use in order to achieve your goals. Both Cantina and Junkyard are challenging points to capture but are certainly feasible goals with the right tactics. We will be publishing part two of RedWolf’s video on Wednesday once it’s released.


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