Battlefront 101: Win every match in Hero Showdown by Red Wolf


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The purpose of this new series of articles is to ensure offer tips and strategies for Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). These can be small tips that can help you improve your game or bigger strategies. As the column evolves we will be adding more and more information about the game. Keep in mind, we offer these with a new player perspective in mind – someone who never played any of the Battlefront games before.

This particular video by Red Wolf focuses on the game’s latest game mode, Hero Hunt.


Battlefront 101: Win every match in Hero Showdown by Red Wolf


List of topics covered in the video

Red Wolf covers the following topics in his video:

  • Introduction: 0:18
  • Taking a closer look at the Hero showdown play style : 1:20
  • One of the most important things to remember: 1:56
  • Controlling your engagements: 2:07
  • Deciding whether you want to attack or defend: 2:47
  • Being the aggressor: 3:46
  • What to do when both teams are playing defense: 4:59
  • Retreating when things don’t go your way: 5:36
  • Deciding what hero to pick: 6:05
  • Focusing on an objective: 7:05 
  • Deciding on your attack priorities: 8:38


Image by Cinematic Captures


In Summary

Red Wolf makes some very important points in his video. From one side, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of Hero Showdown. Knowing what your hero’s strengths and weaknesses are is important for making the most of them. Picking an appropriate partner is also extremely important. Having a combination of a lightsaber carrying hero plus a ranged weapon hero is the way to go.

Like in any competitive gaming situation, communication is vital. SWBFII doesn’t have the best communication system but there are ways around that. On PC, you can still use voice chat, however, keep in mind that there is no push-to-talk functionality. It can become annoying after a while. In addition, picking a partner that you’re familiar with is also another important aspect to keep in mind. If you don’t have someone to partner with, then stop by our forums and the Greenie Weenie master list that Red Wolf maintains.


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