Star Wars Battlefront II Patch 1.2 set to go live on Monday, February 19!

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If you were anxiously waiting for the release of Patch 1.2 for Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII), then great news! EA’s community manager Mat Everett (aka Sledgehammer70) posted at the official forums announcing its launch for Monday, February 19. The patch includes a number of fixes and, of course, new content for the game.



SWBFII roll out details

According to Sledgehammer, this is what’s going to take place on Monday:

On Monday, the 19th of February, Star Wars Battlefront II Patch 1.2 will go live across all regions and platforms. This update is both a client and server update and will require a client update. While we do not expect downtime on the server side, players will receive the update as outlined below.

February 19th, 2018
Scheduled Patch 1.2 Rollout:

  • PC: 9:00 UTC /1:00 AM PT
  • PS4: 10:00 UTC /2:00 AM PT
  • X1: 11:00 UTC /3:00 AM PT

Patch notes will be posted once the update is verified live. We thank you ahead of time for your patience.


If you missed Everett’s last post, then here’s a partial overview of what’s included in it:

  • Limited time Jetpack Cargo mode arrives
  • Arcade Updates (AI updates and more)
  • Heroes & Villains Balancing (Boba Fett, Palpatine, Iden, Rey, Bossk, Kylo Ren, Luke, Chewbacca, Yoda, Lando, Darth Vader & Captain Phasma all see either, nerfs, buffs and tweaks)
  • Classes, Reinforcements & Core Combat (Dodge updates, emotes, weapon tweaks, SCS un-nerf, and more)
  • Milestones (Updates)
  • Level Design Balance Changes
  • Level Design Bug Fixes
  • General Improvements and Bug Fixes ( Duplicate SC credits, Blaster glow, lightsaber glow, color-blind settings tweak, performance and stability changes, and more)
  • and more…

Obviously, most people were excited about the content that was teased previously by  SWBFII’s design director. While we don’t know all of it we know that at a minimum we’re getting a new game mode. Please note that one of the things that Sledgehammer pointed out deals with bug fixes. While Patch 1.2 will include many bug fixes, it won’t include fixes for all bugs. These will come with subsequent patches the team is working on.


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