Ben Watch: Latest information from Star Wars’ community manager

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Electronic Arts’ Global Community Lead Ben Walke, has been relatively quiet as compared to his first month in the job. While we do see a quite a few posts from him, there is a noticeable drop in tweets and posts. This is understandable considering that SWBFII’s Season 2 is starting on Wednesday. Until tomorrow, Ben continues to provide tidbits of information to fans, while answering their questions. Here are some that caught our attention.



Ben Watch: Latest information from Star Wars’ community manager


Patch notes

Season 2 starts tomorrow and Walke is hard at work preparing the announcements. In a relevant tweet, he indicated that patch notes have been written and are currently going through an approval process. At a minimum, we should expect to see them at some point tomorrow if not today.


Level 50 achievement bug

Of course, SWBFII fans continue to ask for additional information about bugs that have been there for quite some time. One of them prevents players from receiving their level 50 achievement. The bug has been there for a while and Ben confirmed that its fix is lined up for a June release.


Electronic Arts (EA) and SWBFII

The announcement of season 2 was met with mixed feelings from the community. Some, took it a step further and claimed that EA will be dropping support for the game. A SWBFII fan asked Ben to reply to these claims but he indicated that it’s not something he can offer informaiton currently. He did highlight however that he raised community concerns internally.

In a separate question, he indicated that he’s still around and ensures to read everything that the community is posting. In nowadays, it seems that he spends most of his time on Discord chatting with SWBFII fans.


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