Ben Watch! The latest and the greatest SWBFII news from Ben Walke


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Electronic Arts’ Global Community manager continues to engage with fans in social media. He typically answers questions about upcoming content in Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) or just has casual chats. The number of questions he receives on a daily basis is simply staggering. In some ways, community questions remain the same. Nevertheless, Ben does his best to answer them and provide insights on what’s coming next.

Ben Watch, offers a roundup of all the tidbits of information that he revealed in social media.


Ben Watch! The latest and the greatest SWBFII news from Ben Walke


Level 50 achievement bug

The highest character level you can currently achieve in SWBFII is level 50. When you finally reach that level you are supposed to be awarded an achievement and a subsequent reward. Unfortunately, for the past months, the achievement wasn’t rewarded properly. Players would reach level 50 only to find out that the achievement wouldn’t get nominated properly.

The question keeps coming up and Ben offered mentioned via his Twitter account that the team is making progress towards a fix. At this point, no date is available but it’s certainly good that the team is looking into this.


SWBFII presence at EA play

EA play is an event that the company hosts every year in Los Angeles, California, alongside E3 (another big gaming expo). Most expect that the company will reveal the next iteration of their Battlefield series. At the same time, some fans are wondering whether there will be any SWBFII announcements.

Ben mentioned that he hopes that there will be some announcements for the game during the event. His answer wasn’t definite. We’re guessing, things are still under discussion and decisions are getting finalized. At the same time, he did indicate that he will be there for the whole event so that’s certainly a good indication.



Arcade content announcements

The next big thing in the world of SWBFII is the announcement of Season 2 for the game. Fans received confirmation last week that the season will be themed by the upcoming Solo movie. No further details were available. This coming Wednesday however, we will be getting all information relating to the upcoming season content.

One area that’s of great interest to a lot of people is arcade content. Fans of the game mode asked whether they should expect to see more stuff coming their way in arcade. Walke didn’t provide many details, however, he did confirm that arcade content is coming as part of Wednesday’s announcement.


Double XP weekend

This past weekend, DICE hosted its first-ever double-XP weekend for SWBFII. Fans of the game seem to enjoy the event, which of course lead some of them to ask when it’s going to return. Ben mentioned that double-XP weekends will be reserved for special occasions. He did say however that the team is looking for community feedback as well as in-game telemetry to make a final decision on their frequency.


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