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Disney aired yesterday a new trailer for its upcoming Star Wars movie, titled “Solo”. You can consider the movie as a prequel to Han Solo, the more famous scoundrels in the Star Wars universe. The movie is set to release next month on May 25.

Considering that it’s more than likely that we’re going to get a “Solo” season for Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) we decided to take a closer look.


Solo a Star Wars Story latest trailer


Trailer breakdown

  • 0:01: We catch a glimpse of an industrial-looking planet. Unlike, other Star Wars movies where John Williams’ music is playing in the background, Solo seems to be heading down a more modern approach.
  • 0:05: A Star Destroyer that appears to be under construction. We can see its main tower being slowly raised. In the background, we can hear the very distinct noise of a TIE fighter.


Mud Troopers firing their weapons. Notice the sentry-like weapon on the left


Han Solo
  • 0:08: Our first look at Alden Ehrenreich who plays Han Solo. He appears to be in a cell while in the background we can hear Kira’s voice (Emilia Clarke).
  • 0:11: We take a look at what appears to be the villains or some-sketchy looking characters, to say the least, staring down at Han. The scene ends with Solo getting his DL-44 ready to fire.

The Millenium Falcon in all its glory

Lando Calrissian
  • 0:17: Han Solo meets Lando Calrissian in what appears to be a game of sorts. The latter is surrounded by a lot of interesting looking aliens. Han asks to join the game.
  • 0:23: Our first look at Han Solo and Chewbacca in front of the Millenium Falcon.
  • 0:28: Emilia Clarke as Kira makes her first appearance in the trailer.


Range Troopers with their distinct coats and uniforms

The “job” and the crew
  • 0:33: Woody Harelson’s character talks to Han about a job and a “big-shot” gangster played by Paul Bettany.
  • 0:37: Han Solo brags about his piloting abilities while we see him driving a speeder through some narrow streets.
  • 0:41: A very brief shot of a ship taking off. We have never seen a ship like this before, but it does look a little bit bigger as compared to a fighter. On the right-hand-side, we see what appear to be either jet troopers or speeder bikes.
  • 0:44: Thandie Newton’s character makes her appearance on the screen, carrying a weapon with a scope.
  • 0:52: Han and Chewie walk towards a hut in a location that is covered in snow. We’re not sure if this is Kashyyyk or another planet. Considering that we have rarely seen a snow version of the Wookie planet, we might be reading too much into this.
  • 0:56: Lando Calrissian is described as the best smuggler around by Kira. Han asks him whether the stories about him are true. Of course, Lando, says that everything about him is true.
  • 1:05: An introduction to the latest Star Wars droid, L3,  which unlike past iterations carries a female voice. Its owner, Lando, advises her to take it easy.

The Falcon makes a run for it after it comes across an Imperial Star Destroyer.


The Millenium Falcon
  • 1:10: An overhead shot of the Millenium Falcon.
  • 1:15: The Falcon fires up its engines, followed by a shot of Lando, L3, and Han in its cockpit.


A mud trooper in front of what appears to be an AT-DP (All Terrain – Defense Pod)


The mission
  • 1:21: A train moving through a snowy background. It’s fair to say that it’s probably the target of the job.
  • 1:23: Our first look of range troopers firing their blasters. They appear to have magnetic boots that allow them to walk on top of the train.
  • 1:25: A levitating train is being chased by a ship. We must assume that Han Solo and crew are attempting to steal something off that train.
  • 1:30: A walker deploys right in front of what appears to be a mud trooper. The walker looks similar to the AT-DPs we say in Star Wars Rebels.
  • 1:33: Chewbacca seems to be saying goodbye to another Wookie.
  • 1:34: Han Solo proclaims that he has a very good feeling about this. This is, of course, in contrast to his opposite phrase that he typically says.


An unknown type of a TIE fighter makes its way towards its target.

The space battle
  • 1:35: We see again some TIE fighters chasing the Falcon. One of them doesn’t look like anything we have seen before. A space battle ensues where the Falcon’s turret destroys one of its pursuers.
  • 1:40: Han questions the ability of Chewie to fly and the latter argues that he’s 109 years old, a statement that impresses the former.
  • 1:46: The Falcon performs a 180-degree turn in front of an incoming Star Destroyer. It’s certainly an impressive scene.
  • 1:51: An interesting looking, double-blade dagger appears in the hands of someone. He attacks what appears to be a vase.
  • 1:53: We get a better look at mud troopers firing their rifles.
  • 2:00: The trailer ends with a cliffhanger where Han is trying to prevent Chewie from falling off the train.


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