Poll results: 1300+ fans vote on microtransaction types to use for SWBFII


Last week we posted a poll asking the community to voice their opinion on different types of microtransactions. The question popped into our heads when Electronic Arts announced that the feature is making in return for Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). No specific timeline was provided but the company did mention they should reappear over the next couple of months.  The topic is not new but it certainly brought back the debate.

A bit over 1300 fans voted in our poll which is absolutely phenomenal. The Star Wars Gaming Network would like to thank you all for taking the time.


The final results

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Taking a closer look

Before we dive into the details we wanted to offer one clarification. Some fans asked us why there was no an option to vote for “no microtransactions” for the game. While the option was a consideration we decided against it. The main reason is that Electronic Arts (EA) has already stated that microtransactions are making a return. In other words, it’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of
“when”.  We felt that excluding that option would make the poll more focused on the available options. Of course, some of you chose to vote the “Other” option which in many cases meant just that.

Taking a closer look at the end results shouldn’t surprise anyone.


Purchasable cosmetic skins were the most popular option of our poll. Pic by Cinematic Captures.


No surprises: Cosmetic options receive the most votes

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that “Cosmetic Skins” and “Cosmetic Weapon Purchases” were the two most voted options by far. The first received 1,177 votes while the latter 776 votes. Fans love having a lot of skin options to help customize their characters and make them unique. Most of us know that DICE has already implemented a skin selection system in SWBFII that is currently unavailable to use. A mod, called the skin selector, briefly allowed the community to choose different skins. After patch 1.1 was released, skin selector became inoperable so currently, only standalone mods can be used in single-player. DICE has already said that customization will return after progression is revamped. If this poll is any indication, then fans would definitely support customization as a microtransaction.


Mild surprises: Limited experience booster packs and booster packs

The third most voted option was limited experience booster packs. The packs would allow its users to gain experience at an increased rate for a limited period of time. The option received 254 votes and while it’s not as many votes, it certainly seems to be appealing to some players. After all, not everyone has the time to play extensive game sessions in order to unlock weapons and equipment. The same argument can be made for the fourth most voted option with 132 votes. Booster packs would allow players to purchase anything in the game with real money. This is the exact same model that EA attempted to implement the first time.

We were somewhat surprised with these two options since we fully expected them to end up in the bottom of the list. After all, it was only a couple of months ago when the media was abuzz with criticism and in some cases threats about EA implementing microtransactions in the game. While not everybody might agree, we have to acknowledge that there is a group in the community that would absolutely pay with real money to unlock weapons or pay their way to a shorter grind.


Pay to unlock Shiiv as a playable character? Not so fast!  Pic by Cinematic Captures.


Surprises: Special Class, Hero and Vehicle Purchases

The least voted option was the ability to pay to unlock special classes, secondary heroes or vehicles. When we put this together, we made the following assumption: As long as purchasable heroes are minor heroes and major heroes remain free, then fans would be willing to pay to unlock sidekick heroes. Apparently, our assumption was incorrect and that’s clearly not the case. The community wants to have all heroes, including vehicles and special classes available to them without any paywalls separating them.


Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you once more for taking the time to answer our questions, post comments and, in general, express your thoughts. The community is pretty clear in what they want to see in the game. Most of you favor cosmetic options as a way to support the game and for expressing yourself via your characters. After all, mods have been quite popular for that single reason. They offer multiple ways to customize the game to your liking.

The community has spoken – we truly hope that DICE is listening!


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