Data miners reveal additional information about SWBFII’s unused content

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Clone Army

Since Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII)’s Patch 1.2 fans got the chance to experience new content for both single and multiplayer game modes. At the same time, some of the more talented fans got to work. These fans known as data miners, go through the game’s files and attempt to find more information about unused content. We previously wrote about the first set of data that became available when patch 1.2 was released.

As always, we would like to stress that the existence of these assets doesn’t mean that they will actually make it in-game. They could easily represent items that DICE decided against from using. Only developers from the studio can confirm this. The Star Wars Gaming Network (SWGN) reports on these leaks since they show the different things the studio experiments with. Again, you should treat these items as unconfirmed until DICE says otherwise.


Data miners reveal additional information about SWBFII’s unused content

Reddit user xOsmiumx made a lengthy post explaining everything they found while going through game files. Here are some of their more interesting findings:

Unused emotes indicating races

A number of different emotes was found in the game’s files indicating the following races as shown above. From top left: Abednedo, Aqualish, Dressellian, Duros, Nikto, Quarren, Rodian, Sullustan, Twilek, and Weequay.


Clone Legion markings

Clone legions have been long rumored to be in the game. The latest files appear to indicate a number of different Clone markings to be available in the game. The following Clone legions are currently in the game files. For reference, we’re showing their markings in the image below. Please note that these images are just for reference and are not in the game files.

From top left: 104th, Wolfpack, 212th Attack Battalion, 327th Star Corps, 41st Elite Corps, 501st Vader’s first, 91st Mobile Recon Group and the Coruscant guard.


Unused Weapons

In addition to the items above a number of different rifles and blasters were found. These, don’t appear anywhere in the game except these files.

LL-30 Blaster pistol: The pistol was used by bounty hunter Kad Bane and prominent heroes of the Rebel Alliance. The weapon has been in the files since alpha but it hasn’t found its way into the main game. We’re not sure if DICE decides to implement it but it would certainly make an interesting addition. Of course, what would make it even more interesting is if Cad Bane comes with it as a new hero.



 Tusken Raider Cycler Rifle: The weapon was already used in the original SWBF developed by DICE but hasn’t found its way into the game yet. In its first version, it served as a crude sniper rifle that could penetrate shields and shoot enemies at a distance. It’s going to be interesting if the weapon retains these abilities.


Other interesting findings

The files also include references to different types of grenades such as bacta bombs, smart and hybrid grenades. The first one was used as a way to heal yourself and your teammates. It was very popular as well as controversial at times. At the same time, we’re not sure how smart and hybrid grenades are going to be used. Last, but not least, game files also indicate a clone wars riot baton.


More to come?

As we wrote in a separate post today, the end of JetPack cargo could indicate that new content is coming our way soon(ish). Whether the items above make it into the game or not remains to be seen. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, please take these leaks with a grain of salt. DICE should be able to confirm or deny whether they plan to use these assets in the upcoming weeks.


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