Dennis Brännvall comments on SWBFII player stat availability

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If you ever played the original Star Wars Battlefront developed by DICE, you know that it included a very useful feature; player stats. This is a trademark feature of many first-person shooters including the Battlefield series. It shows interesting stats of your individual performance such as kill to death ratio, percent use of certain weapons and more. Unlike these shooters, however, Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) currently doesn’t have any player stats…. or does it?


Player stats in SWBFII

If you followed the game since launch, you know that player stats are already implemented up to a certain extent in the game. Dennis admitted in past comments that DICE simply run out of time before launch so the feature never made into the game. From his comments below, however, it sounds like that player stats are still tracked. This means that things like your kill to death ratio, personal total kill count numbers, are already collected.

In case you’re wondering, right before the release of SWBFII, an image leaked showing how a player stats page looks like. As with everything, please note that this is a screenshot from last year. Player stats page could easily look completely different from what you see below.

A leaked player stats page that came out around SWBFII’s alpha timeframe


Dennis Brännvall comments on SWBFII player stat availability

In regards to when we will see a page like that the question doesn’t come as frequently as others. It’s a long-standing request of the community, however. It didn’t take long before someone asked SWBFII’s Design Director about their availability. The latter has been very active in social media lately. He answered with the following tweet:

Even though we currently don’t have a timeline for their implementation, it’s certainly great news. Player stat availability is a “must-have” for many gamers so it’s good to see that DICE hasn’t forgotten about them. DICE current priority is to finish revamping the existing progression system. Brännvall revealed that it’s the studio’s highest priority.

We do expect that progression will also see microtransactions returning in a less invasive form. In other words, no more pay-to-win microtransactions. Considering the backlash over them at launch, it will be a surprise if DICE decides to implement them exactly the same way as they did at launch.


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