DICE “actively looking” into adding Starfighter Assault to Arcade

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Clone Army

While most of the news we received today dealt with new multiplayer content, DICE also posted an extensive Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). If you’re following the game for quite some time now, then these questions shouldn’t surprise you. Among them was one that, even though has been asked before, actually got an answer this time around.

Starfighter Assault coming to arcade?


Solo Players Matter

Among SWBFII fans is a group of very dedicated players who play the game for its single-player mode. In the past, DICE admitted that they were very surprised to find out how successful single-player has been with the game. Since the beginning of the year, the studio started adding more multiplayer maps to the game’s arcade game modes. As they previously stated, their goal is to have the all multiplayer maps added to single-player modes.

At the same time, one game mode that has been extremely successful is Starfighter Assault. The mode as the name implies allows you to fly different ships from the Star Wars universe against other human and AI players. Single-player fans have been asking for this game mode to be added to single-player. Today, DICE as part of their extensive FAQ answered that question.

Q) Many people would love to see Starfighter Assault get added to Arcade, is this something we can expect in the future?
A) We share the same love for Starfighter Assault, as a lot of our Community do. While we have nothing to announce in terms of dates, this is something we are actively looking at.

It’s certainly encouraging that DICE has listened to the community feedback and is actively looking into adding this to single-player. We’re huge fans of the game mode and we think it will help even more with its popularity. Even though we don’t have any dates, getting this acknowledgment today is great news.


Starfighter Assault Hero Ship Updates

Leveling Hero ships could become easier


Speaking of Starfighter Assault, the studio also confirmed that they’re looking into improving the way you can level hero ships in Starfighter Assault. No specifics were provided but we’re sure that there will be more to come.

You can read the complete update from today right here.


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