DICE comments on Anakin Skywalker and exclusive playlists for SWBFII


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DICE developers are typically pretty active on Twitter, answering community questions and talking about upcoming content. One of the most active DICE users is Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII)’s Design Director Dennis Brannvall. Since the game’s launch, he has posted a series of interesting updates. As one might expect, his twitter account is one of the most closely watched accounts.


Anakin Skywalker in SWBFII?

Over the past months, players have been asking for all sorts of heroes to be added to the game. From Obi-Wan and General Grievous to Count Dooku and Mace Windu, fans have been coming up with all sorts of hero ideas for the game. One beloved Star Wars character that usually gets a lot of mentions from fans is Anakin Skywalker.

Recently, SWBFII fan Brice Williams caught Brannvall’s attention and asked the question.

While Dennis’ answer might disappoint some, we think that it makes sense. It doesn’t mean that Anakin Skywalker is completely out of the picture, however, we shouldn’t expect to see him in-game anytime soon. It’s certainly good that they’re leaving the door open for Anakin to make an appearance in the future.


Some clarifications posted on exclusive playlists

Another tweet by Dennis Brannvall that caught the attention of fans was his reference to an exclusive Clone Wars playlist. During SWBFII’s Last Jedi Season, DICE implemented a playlist that featured Sequel content. For a limited period of time, when playing Galactic Assault, players would exclusively play maps like Crait and Starkiller base. This tied pretty well with the release of Crait that went live during that timeframe.

Recently, Dennis was asked about whether his recent tweet confirming that a Clone Wars playlist for SWBFII also included other eras.

This might not mean much. At the same time though, it offers some clarity on recent speculation that an exclusive Clone Wars playlist points to a Clone Wars season. We certainly won’t know anything until DICE formally announces the season.


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