DICE focuses on Hero Showdown; tweaks matchmaking, asks feedback

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It was only yesterday when we wrote about DICE taking a closer look at Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII)’s lastest mode, Hero Showdown. In specific, the studio added 3 more maps to the game mode. The addition wasn’t a surprise. DICE had already pre-announced it about a week ago. This week, they continued their work with Hero Showdown.


DICE focuses on Hero Showdown; tweaks matchmaking asks feedback

One of the criticisms that Hero Showdown received since it launched was about how quick matches filled. If for example, your teammate dropped during the wait timer between rounds, it was very difficult to get someone else to join. In some cases, players in the server had to wait for a long time before someone else joined.

DICE quickly recognized the issue and, via Ben Walke, announced some changes…

This change certainly signals a change of approach of how DICE handles fixes to all new game modes. It wasn’t too long ago when JetPack Cargo, another popular game mode, run into issues. Back then, the issue was that the game mode came without an in-game timer or the ability to draw. This meant that one team had to win each match no matter what. As expected, each round of JetPack cargo lasted for a very long time. The game mode was never fixed and was eventually withdrawn.


Offer your feedback on Hero Showdown and its upcoming map selection

In addition to the matchmaking change, Ben Walke asked for SWBFII fans for feedback on Hero Showdown maps. It appears that DICE is looking to make some additional tweaks to the game mode and its maps. The change should occur at some point next week after feedback is collected.

In specific:


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