Disney patent reveals possible lightsaber augmented reality games

author image by Elr1c | News | 0 Comments | May 23, 2018

Disney continues to explore new opportunities to enhance the Star Wars gaming experience. The company has already released a number of mobile apps making use of augmented reality. We previously wrote about their latest Holochess effort that made use of Apple’s iOS augmented reality features.

A patent that was submitted to the U.S. Patent office seems to be pointing to the company’s next steps.


Disney patent reveals lightsaber augmented reality games

The patent carries the title “Augmented Reality Interactive Experience” and provides more details on how this would work. It includes head-mounted displays that connect to computers. These displays also support peripherals. These could theoretically be lightsabers, blasters, and other equipment. If you take a look at the picture below then you could clearly see the similarity of the device with a lightsaber.

The patent was discovered by the Orlando Business Journal and speculates that this device might be part of Disney’s latest theme park expansion. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will open in late 2019 in different Disney amusement parks. The patent also calls out that the device will be part of an augmented reality “venue”.

We’re not sure what the definition of a “venue” for Disney is.  From one side, it could be part of Disney’s theme park Star Wars experience. From the other side, it could well be something that players could experience at home using their consoles or personal computers. The second theory seems to be more plausible by the fact that the to people listed as inventors of the patent worked on Jedi Challenges. The iOS app that Star Wars Holochess was part of, is Disney’s Star Wars AR app.

Obviously, there is no reference to a release date on when this device will become available for users. It certainly points out to Disney’s keen interest in creating an Augmented Reality experience for players. We will be closely watching for what comes next.


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