EA Community Manager offers insight on SWBFII’s update process

author image by Elr1c | News | 0 Comments | March 13, 2018

If you’re following Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) closely, then you know that there is a certain level of anxiety from the community. The last major season fans received was last year, and subsequent patches either tweaked or added limited content. Most fans are wondering when season 2 is going to land for the game. Throughout the last couple of months, DICE developers tried to do their best to keep us up to date with upcoming content.

Today, Electronic Arts (EA) community manager Mat Everett offered some insight on SWBFII’s lack of updates. Everett has already announced that he’s departing the company soon to pursue other non-gaming ventures. In a series of tweets, he spoke about his past in the gaming industry and offered additional information.


It’s complicated…

First, the community manager reassured fans that DICE and SWBFII’s design director, Dennis Brannavall are doing their best to bring new content to the game.  In specific, he said:

Obviously, fans were not completely happy with the answer.  Soon enough many of them started asking questions about the timeline of the new content. Matt didn’t provide a specific answer. He did indicate, however, that only a certain level of information can be revealed


Offering some insight on how information gets approved, he also indicated that all information needs to be pre-approved before becoming available. We’re not sure who’s the final approver. We can only speculate, however, that it’s a combination of higher level EA, Lucasfilm and Disney executives. On a more personal note, Everett did shed some light on the reasons behind his departure.


Speculating past the tweets

The current quarter ends on March 31st. This could mean a lot of different things in terms of information we will be getting. As DICE promised we will be getting more details on SWBFII’s new progression system. We’re not sure if you’re going to get more information on a new season. One guess is that we won’t see new content until April when the new quarter begins. Another is that seasons, in general, are a thing of the past. Instead, we will be getting more frequent content patches that don’t necessarily tie to a bigger theme.

We’re making this guess because of SWBFII’s design director recent comments. In specific, he called fans not to get hung up on the concept of seasons. We can only speculate what this means. That’s the only thing we can do until any DICE comes out and confirms or denies what they have for fans.


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