EA executive comments on SWBFII loot boxes and the path ahead

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The launch of Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) back in November, didn’t only create controversy but also started an interesting discussion. The gaming industry is looking into methods to be profitable after they invest millions of dollars developing video games. Some companies turn to microtransactions as one of the methods to accomplish their business goals.

Originally, SWBFII went down that path but Electronic Arts (EA) quickly reversed its course and removed microtransactions from the game. When SWBFII finally launched, all microtransaction features were removed from it. Both DICE and EA admitted that they had to re-evaluate their plans after the initial negative reaction.

This incident also opened up the discussion about the use of loot boxes and microtransactions in the industry. As we wrote yesterday, VentureBeat is hosting a convention called GamesBeat in Northern California. The event hosts a number of different industry experts who talk about the future of gaming.


EA Motive General Manager Jade Raymond


Electronic Arts executive comments on SWBFII loot boxes and the path ahead

Jade Raymond is a general manager at EA’s Motive studio that’s based in Montreal. The studio was responsible for developing SWBII’s very successful single-player campaign. During her talk, the topic of loot boxes came up and she offered some quite candid comments. In specific:

Well look, I mean, the team worked really hard on that game and I’ve gotta say there were obviously some big learnings to take away and the team at DICE has been continuing to work really hard. EA is a learning company, so we are really focused on how we improve and obviously don’t make those kinds of same mistakes again.

Raymond went on to talk about the future of AAA gaming. She believes that its future lies in cloud gaming as well as streaming. A full recording of her talk is available via Twitch below.


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