EA posts update about SWBFII’s milestone completion bug fix

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We have been writing a bug that recently surfaced in Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). The issue prevents players from receiving these rewards for completed milestones. Last week, DICE released a server-side patch, that supposedly addressed the issue. The fix did address the issue only partially. After it went live players were able to claim their rewards for milestones completed after the patches deployment. Unfortunately, players who had their milestones stuck before the patch was deployed couldn’t claim them properly.

As expected this created a lot of discussions on social media from frustrated fans.


Electronic Arts (EA) posts update at the French forums

An EA community manager going by the name Billie posted the following message:

The translation reads:

From the information I have, the challenges are valid from now on and you should be able to get the rewards. The studio is in the implementation of a solution to validate the challenges retroactively. It should be in the coming days, I have no exact date for the moment. Thank you all for your patience.


SWBFII fans have been seeing a lot of these recently


Patience you must have young Padawan

The bug first caught our attention on January 29 about a week ago. Within 4 days since its discovery, DICE had deployed the first patch that fixed the issues for all new achievements. While we currently don’t have a specific date, the studio is aware of the issue and is currently working on it.

We realize that it’s frustrating when you grind your way to unlocking a weapon, only to discover that you can’t have it. We hope that we will get a patch over the next couple of days so all players can truly get what they deserve. Patience until then.


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