Electronic Arts & DICE close to announcing new SWBFII content

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The Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) community is eagerly waiting for the announcement of new content for the game. If you’re following the game, then you know that the last major patch was back in March. Patch 2.0 brought us a new progression system as well as a new map in the form of Bespin. Of course, this didn’t stop many fans from asking information on what’s coming next.

After Patch 2.0 went live, we also got a new community manager replacing Mat Everett who moved on to other non-gaming ventures. The “new guy”, Ben Walke has been extremely active since he officially took over the role. He has engaged with the community in various mediums, including Reddit, Twitter and even sat down for an interview with us.

Ben continues to be extremely active in posting updates for fans highlighting the progress of the studio.


Electronic Arts & DICE close to announcing new SWBFII content

Recently, he posted two very interesting tweets that we couldn’t pass up. The first one deals with SWBFII content. It sounds like DICE’s announcement is getting the final touches and will go through localization. Essentially, the text is getting translated into different languages before the formal announcement.

Of course, this isn’t stopping fans from asking more questions about the specifics of the announcement. While no specifics are available it sounds like that there is a lot of great stuff on the way. It’s also very encouraging to read that the pace of updates will increase now that the new progression system is live. This was something that Ben also confirmed.


How soon are we getting an announcement again?

We’re purely speculating here but it looks like that we should be getting some news over the next couple of days. More importantly, we have no official confirmation of what that content might be. Fans are speculating content will be centered around the “Solo” movie that recently aired a new trailer for it. Regardless of what the content might be, we’re certainly optimistic on what the future holds for SWBFII.


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