Electronic Arts’ community manager posts update about SWBFII


Electronic Arts (EA) community manager, Mat Everett, posted an update over the official forums in regards to Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). As you might have expected, the community is getting pretty anxious about the upcoming patch. The patch is rumored to include the revamped progression system. Others speculate that it will bring Season 3 for the game.



Electronic Arts’ community manager posts update about SWBFII

In specific, the update was the following:

Hey Ladies and gents,

The team is working on some updates that will bring forth announcements. Unfortunately, we’re not ready at this time to bring forward specific details. While I did give my notice to EA, I am still working to try to get updates and will remain with EA until the progression update arrives. Please look to @Mr_Taver for further updates upon my departure.

On that note, our upcoming update will bring patch updates and fixes to long-standing reports and some new ones. I hope to be able to share more in the coming weeks.


Anxious fans waiting for the patch to drop


Patience you must have…

In case you missed it, Mat Everett, gave his notice to EA this week. He won’t be with the company after the patch goes live. It appears that it was his decision and has decided to move on. Everett was one of the few people who were part of the original SWBFII team developed by Pandemic. In a series of tweets over this past week, he highlighted some of the titles and the companies he worked on.

In regards to the SWBFII, we’re guessing that we’re a couple of weeks away from its release. If Mat followed the convention of giving a 2-week notice then this would make sense. Earlier this week, DICE’s design director Dennis Brannvall pointed out that the team is wrapping up their work this week. This would indicate that the Quality Assurance team would need 2 weeks to qualify the new patch before releasing it.

Depending on where the studio is in this process, we wouldn’t see patch 1.3 until the week of March 19 (the earliest) or week of March 26 (the latest). Releasing news on the patch could come as early as next week or the week after. Please note that this is just speculation on our part. DICE hasn’t said anything just yet.


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