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The Star Wars Gaming Network (SWGN) continuously works to add more information on its pages that will benefit fans playing the game. Part of this effort deals with promoting the best efforts within the Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) community as those come up. In the past, various community members helped create SWGN’s content.  Today, we’re very proud to announce that SWGN in partnership with BF Fulcrum has enhanced its pages with additional weapon stats.


Accessing the stats is pretty easy. For starters, go to our weapons page, select class then hit detailed weapon stats.


A word about weapon stats

Right before the recent addition, our weapon pages showed the minimal stats that are currently found in the game. After today’s enhancement, you will be able to see more information for all unlockable weapons found in SWBFII. BF Fulcrum painstakingly went through the effort of testing each one of them in arcade mode and registering their stats. In case you’re wondering, these stats are collected during in-game testing. In other words, they’re not from the game files.


How to access the weapons and their extended stats

SWGN’s weapons section is split by class, then by starting and unlockable weapons. You can access weapon stats by selecting the class you’re interested in. After that, select detailed stats. The current setup focuses on Damage Drop-off and Damage Per Second. All charts are interactive and hovering your cursor over them will allow you to see the exact values of each line.

Hover over the lines for specific stats


Hover over the lines for specific stats


The second part of the weapons section, allows you to see a combination of all stats across all weapons and classes. Currently, it offers a comparison of fire rate and fire rate burst. We’re currently working on adding more comparisons for your information. If you have specific ideas about the weapons, please leave a comment below.


Hover over the lines for specific stats


Once again, we would like to thank BF Fulcrum for providing these stats to us. Make sure you check out his channel for their latest updates.

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