Fan Art Thursday: Commander Versio by Daniel Jeffries

author image by Elr1c | Art | 0 Comments | February 1, 2018

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The Star Wars Gaming Network (SWGN) is very lucky to feature a very talented artist with a passion for Star Wars and Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). Daniel Jeffries is no stranger to the Battlefront franchise since he played the original game back in 2005. He created this amazing piece of art focusing on the protagonist of SWBFII’s single-player campaign. Daniel’s artwork is diverse and features other games like Mortal Combat, Destiny 2, as well as, comics, and movies!  To see the full extent of his portfolio, make sure that you check his personal page and see the rest of his excellent work.

The SWGN would like to thank Daniel Jeffries for sharing his art with us on the day of his birthday! Happy birthday Daniel!


Commander Versio


Creating a masterpiece

Unlike most artists, Daniel also shares videos of his upcoming work on his channel. Below you will find a time-lapse video of him creating Iden. For us, it’s simply amazing to see Daniel at work. We take all this art for granted however, one can’t appreciate the hard work that goes with it.


Searching for Janina

Considering the central role that Janina Gavankar played in launching SWBFII, she has been relatively quiet over the next couple month. Up to a certain, extent that’s to be expected. The game has been out since November and its marketing effort is winding down. Gavankar is set to appear in the on the GamesBeat Summit that’s taking place in Berkeley, California, on April 9. More recently, she won the 3rd place for her performance in SWBFII as part of the 2017 PlayStation Blog awards. From a non-gaming perspective, Gavankar has been busy with a new movie called Blindspotting. She also has released a new song in collaboration with Utkarsh Ambudkar.

With the news that Electronic Arts (EA) might be considering a sequel for SWBFII, it’s going to be interesting to see whether Iden is going to make a return. The single-player campaign ended up being one of the more popular features of the game. We’re certain that if EA decides to redo the game, a single-player campaign will be an integral part of it.


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