Star Wars Battlefront II Fan Art Thursday: Iden Versio in action!

author image by Elr1c | Art | 0 Comments | March 8, 2018

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The Star Wars Gaming Network (SWGN) is very proud to bring you another talented artist. This week we’re featuring an artist from Granada, Spain who has created an impressive Iden Versio piece. Unlike, past art we have featured, this one highlights Inferno’s squad leader in full gear. The artist who goes by the nickname Nurzdp also sat down with us for an interview that you can find below.

SWGN would like to thank Nurzdp for sharing his art for the purposes of this article


Fan Art Thursday: Iden Versio in action!


Nurzdp in focus

1. Can you give us a brief overview of your background and your past work?

A few years ago I finished my degree in Fine Arts at the University of Granada (Spain) with a degree in Graphic Design Technical Assistant. Current, y I do not work on anything related to art, even so I am about to start a Concept Art course at the Lightbox Academy (Tadeo Jones2, Capture the flag).


2. What made you decide to create this particular (Iden Versio) piece?

First I would like to say that since I was a child I loved the Star Wars saga. I am a big fan, above all, of the original trilogy. I believe that George Lucas and his team of artists created something incredible that will last over time for many years and even centuries. But the work that Disney is doing also seems great to me.

I was playing Battlefront2 when I discovered this great character that is Iden Versio and I decided to draw it as a tribute. I also did it with other characters in the series such as Yoda or Qui Gon Jinn … Always trying to give them my “touch”. She has a great personality and a lot of charisma but the circumstances force her to make a difficult decision even for a person like her. This drawing of Iden Versio, in particular, has a sketched look that I like a lot. Obviously, there will be people who like it and who are not so much. (Editor’s note: Oh, it’s beautiful!)


3. Can you please give us a brief overview of how you go about creating your work? What research do you do?  What tools do you use?

Once I decided to draw this character, I started by getting images of her, like screensavers or images of Google. Then I made some versions of the character which some I have published in DeviantArt and finally and after some failed tests create the work of which we are talking about. The drawing is made with Photoshop from the first stroke to the last.


4. What was/is the most challenging aspect of your creating artwork like this?

I think the most difficult thing in illustrations like this is the details. At a technical level although the work seems very simple I have worked a lot of light, volumes, the details of the brightness in the helmet etc … But I think that at an artistic level it is where it most transmits. It is a work with a peculiar style. At least it’s not the typical commercial illustration, I think.


5. What is your experience with Star Wars games? Do you play SWBF2 and if so what do you like about it?

I have played some Star Wars games from the NES game console, the SuperNES up to PC and Ps4 now. Yes, I have Star Wars Battlefront2. I like it and every time I can I play Galactic Assault, Starfighter Assault, and other game modes. I love the graphics and I find it a very fun game, both the campaign and online.


6. Are there any other links you can share with us where fans can see your work?

– Deviantart at
– My facebook page:…
– Youtube “digital clash”:……

Also other paintings of star wars I made:…………


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