Fan Art Thursday: Iden’s difficult choice by Paula Alessandra (Spoilers)

author image by Elr1c | Art | 0 Comments | February 15, 2018

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Every week, we’re very proud to bring you amazing fan art that’s inspired by Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). Some weeks we host professional artists who are fans of the game, while some others deal with hobbyists who equally love the game. This week, we’re very lucky to be hosting the art of Paula Alessandra. Her Iden Versio piece shows the two sides of SWBFII’s protagonist.


Iden’s difficult choice


A word about the artist

Paula Alessandra is a hobbyist digital artist from Panama. She has a passion for Harry Potter, LOTR, the Marvel Universe and, of course, Star Wars. Her work is inspired by Hiro Mashima who’s a Japanese manga artist. In addition, she’s a gamer who loves titles like Grand Theft Auto, League of Legends, Castlevania and of course Star Wars Battlefront II. If you want to see more of her amazing work, then you can check some of her pages below:

The Star Wars Gaming Network would like to thank Paula Alessandra for giving us permission to use her art for this article.


Iden Versio’s change of heart

Iden’s defection to the Rebels was long-rumored, even before the game hit the drives consoles/PCs. If you read “Inferno Squad”, then you know that she had quite a few interesting moments. In one of the book missions, Inferno Squad is called to infiltrate a Rebel group. Part of their task was to discover all Rebel associates and eventually eliminate them. In the process, Iden discovers that the war is not as black and white as she expects. While the Empire likes to label Rebels as criminals, she finds out that these are regular people who took up arms due to extreme circumstances. The seed of doubt is planted during the book, however, Iden pulls herself together and focuses on the task at hand.

To say that the book gives us the first taste of her intentions is an understatement. Some fans were quite upset after reading “Inferno Squad”. They correctly speculated that Iden would eventually defect to the Rebels. Who could blame them? After all, Iden was presented to us as a model imperial soldier who was completely convinced of what she was doing. The in-game campaign created the conditions for her change that many saw coming.

We think that it was a great twist that had people talking, long after they finished SWBFII’s single-player campaign. Iden’s struggle and her difficult choices resonated with a lot of people. The fact we continue to get so much art week after week about her is a strong indication of her enduring story.


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