First footage of SWBFII’s Jabba’s palace and new outfits surfaces

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DICE released more details about Season 2 yesterday via their official forums and social media accounts. We didn’t get to see much in-game footage and we mostly got pictures of the upcoming content. Luckily, the Star Wars show came to the rescue and provided a sneak peak.


First footage of SWBFII’s Jabba’s palace and new outfits surfaces



Taking a closer look

The video highlights some of the new skins that will be in the game next week. For example, both Leia’s and Lando’s skins from Star Wars Episode IV are featured. Both skins are legendary skins – the first ones of their kind. Up to this point, the highest level outfits were epic and cost 40,000 credits. No details are available about the legendary skins but, of course, the speculation is just beginning.

In regards to Jabba’s Palace, it certainly appears to be the familiar map that was available as part of the Outer Rim update in the original SWBFI. The map will be a great addition for those who love close quarter combat. With Heroes vs. Villains, Blast and Arcade, Jabba’s being the primary game modes, it should prove to be a fun map to play.



More to come?

It’s obvious that DICE is nitpicking content from the original game and porting it over to SWBFII. We could certainly think of some other popular maps making the transition. Scarif, Carbonite Chamber could be two great additions to the game as well. Whether the trend of bringing content from SWBFI to SWBFII continues remains to be seen. It would help complement new content when that is under development.

June should be an interesting month in regards to SWBFII content and will give us a good indication on where the game is heading.


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