Fix to SWBFII’s milestone completion bug coming soon!

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Earlier this week we wrote about a bug that seems to be affecting a lot of Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) gamers. The bug prevents players to receive their rewards for completed milestones. The issue seems to be consistent across all platforms and it seems to be the most commonly-discussed issue at the forums.

A lot of players are seeing a lot of uncompleted milestones


A permanent fix coming soon

Even as recently as yesterday, we could see reports on Twitter, where fans were reporting the issue. Currently, on the officials EA forums there are more than 1100 posts about the issue. EA is working on the issue and according to Criterion’s official Twitter account, it should be fixed over the next couple of days. Until then, you can wait until the fix hits the servers or use the very simple solution described below.



A workaround to an annoying bug

Reddit by nbence0623 recently came across the following solution. To be clear, this will not help if your milestone is already stuck and the reward not awarded. It will help you, however, if you are close to complete to one. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. You complete a milestone and you get the in-game message indicating as such.
  2. Finish the round you’re playing.
  3. DON’T quit the game. In other words stay on the server even though you have completed your milestone.
  4. Wait for the next round to load.
  5. Select a class and spawn.
  6. Once you spawn, wait until you get full control of your trooper. This means that you can actually control your trooper.

If you quit AFTER completing step no.6 above then you will be able to collect your reward without experiencing the bug. Again, this will not help you with milestones that are already bugged.


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