DICE gives free loot box to SWBFII players affected by milestone bug

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Last week we reported that DICE finally fixed a nasty bug that has been plaguing Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) for about 2 weeks. The bug prevented for players for claiming rewards when completing their milestones. Since its discovery two weeks ago, the studio released two patches to address the issue. The first one stopped the reoccurrence of the bug but didn’t fix issues with milestones already locked. The second one, that landed this week finally fixed the issue.

While this is old news, we made a point to make this post because of what followed afterwards. Curious? Read on.


DICE gives an extra loot box to affected players

Many players were frustrated with the bug and kept posting in social media as well as official forums. Some were more passionate than others and started posting interesting comments in various websites. DICE was obviously not happy with the situation since they released two patches within two weeks. At the same time, the company acknowledged the challenge players experienced while trying to complete their milestones and get their rewards. For that reason, they rewarded all affected players with a crate for their trouble.

As the image shows the crate came with the title “Fixes deployed” and the description of “Sincere apologies: Here are some credits for the inconvenience”. The crate was named by some fans as the “apology crate”.

Case closed? Not exactly.


Twisting the story

The “apology crate” was deemed an important story by GameRant and they posted the following tweet. While the title of the tweet was correct, its description was not.

According to the tweet and the subsequent story, the crate was offered as an apology for last year’s pay-to-win controversy. Some fans picked up on the story which led to tweeting some rather interesting messages without actually reading the context.

These tweets were the exception to the rule since, for the most part, fans pointed out the error. Some fans also attempted to post comments over at Gamerant’s website with mixed results.


Not their finest hour

To say that the Gamerant’s tweet is incorrect is an understatement. First of all, it links SWBFII’s apology crate with last year’s pay-to-win controversy, which is not the case. If you do read the article it correctly states that the crate was provided because of the milestone completion bug that became an issue over the last couple of weeks. We can’t stop thinking though that in many ways, the article serves as an example of what “clickbait” is.

If you’re not sure what it is, here’s how Wikipedia defines it:

Clickbait is a pejorative term for web content whose main goal is to get users to click on a link to go to a certain webpage or video. Clickbait headlines typically aim to exploit the “curiosity gap,” providing just enough information to make readers curious, but not enough to satisfy their curiosity without clicking through to the linked content.

From a historical perspective, the techniques employed by clickbait authors can be considered derivative of yellow journalism, which presented little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead used eye-catching headlines that included exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalismFor sites that thrive on thousands of click-throughs to content, many authors see the use of clickbait as a means to tap into human psyche by crafting these eye-catching headlines.


Closing thoughts

There are many things that SWBFII has been criticized for. Some of those are fair and well-deserved. Others only serve as food for click-baiting websites and haters. Regardless of where you stand on SWBFII, EA, microtransactions or any other topic it’s really important to understand all sides of an argument before forming your own opinion. This method allows you to make informed decisions and resist the impulse of listening to the loudest annoying voices. Jumping to the bandwagon is easy. Doing the research is hard but ends up in making better and smarter decisions.


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