Frontlines! Our weekly SWBFII news roundup is now available!

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Frontlines, our weekly newsletter is now available. This week saw a number of different events taking place in the world of Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) officially and unofficially.



Frontlines! Our weekly SWBFII news roundup is now available!


Solo Season details revealed

DICE revealed more information about the upcoming Han Solo Season.  Part of the reveal was the realization that the season will be split into two parts. One before the Solo movie gets to the theaters and one in June during EA play. This seemed to confuse some of the fans so we took a closer look at their reactions.

Community reactions to Solo 2 content

We spent quite a bit of time talking about community reactions to the content reveal of Season 2. Both the Star Wars Gaming Network as well as Red Wolf posted our thoughts about it. The community seemed to be somewhat underwhelmed by the announcements. This lead to some interesting comments posted on social media. We took a more measured approach to the latest developments and shared what we think.

Best of the rest

Electronic Arts released their quarterly earnings results this past week. We took a closer look at their announcements for any items of Star Wars interest. In addition, we took a closer look at the latest and greatest mods that came out for the game for this past week. Lastly, Red Wolf continues to provide high-quality guides via his YouTube channel. You definitely need to check out our Battlefront 101 column that covers the latest guides.

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