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author image by Elr1c | News | 0 Comments | April 15, 2018

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Frontlines, our weekly newsletter is here! This week was probably one of the busiest weeks in the world of Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) as well as the Star Wars Universe. From one side, early in the week, we saw another trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie, Solo. The trailer gave us a glimpse of new locations and units we never saw before. We took a closer look at it and tried to speculate on what it means for SWBFII.

From the other side, the new community managers, Ben Walke, posted his long-awaited update about the game. He announced a new game mode called Ewok hunt as well as a number of different customization options for the game. Season 2 news will be arriving for us some time next month so there is certainly more to come.

Lastly, DICE brought back the challenge that allows fans to earn Han Solo’s Hoth outfit which is certainly great news if you missed it.

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