Gordy Haab finishes scoring more Star Wars Battlefront II music

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One of the comments that keep popping up every now and then in the Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) community deals with the game’s longevity. The original controversy made people doubt whether EA and DICE will continue to produce content for SWBFII. If you’ve been reading this site for quite some time now, then you know that’s truly not the case.

Since the first season of the game ended, we have received new content every month. Most of the content was either ported from the 2015 version of SWBF or featured minor additions to the game.  This was happening in parallel with DICE’s work to revamping the game’s progression system.

Today, the studio is getting ready to launch their customization system as well as reintroduce microtransactions for cosmetic items. We speculate that new content will probably focus around the upcoming “Solo: a Star Wars story” movie. If you’re still wondering whether EA and DICE intend to produce then read on.


Gordy Haab finishes scoring more Star Wars Battlefront II music

Gordy Haab is SWBFII’s music composer. The music you currently listen to while dodging starfighters or attacking objectives was composed by him. As we wrote before, music and audio for the game have received multiple nominations over the past 6 months including a BAFTA and a G.A.N.G award.

Recently, Haab and Sam Smythe and Marco Valerio Antonini announced in a Facebook post that they recently finished scoring more music for the game.


More content coming soon

With “Solo” hitting the movie screens next month, it only makes sense to have more content coming for SWBFII. One of the first things we noticed on the latest Solo trailer was its music. It certainly sounds more modern as compared to the John Williams’ music. Assuming that the next season is themed by Solo, it makes sense to have more music made for the game. The other option would be to add more iconic Star Wars music for the game.

Regardless of what the upcoming music is, we’re certainly looking forward to it as DICE prepares to unveil more content.


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