SWBFII video of Heroes vs. Villains and Strike game modes in Crait leaked


While the excitement over Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII)’s Ewok Hunt doesn’t seem to be settling, some fans have started looking into the game’s files. These fans (or leakers) attempt to look into any indications about what’s coming next. Dylan Rocket is one of these fans. In the past, we highlighted some of their videos about upcoming content.

As they point out in the video’s description, you shouldn’t take this as confirmed content just because this exists. DICE can easily decide against using this or make huge changes before releasing it. In other words, take it with a grain of salt. At the same time, it is interesting to see some of the ideas that the studio has about the SWBFII and how they go about implementing it.


SWBFII video of Heroes vs. Villains and Strike game modes in Crait leaked


So… when do we get this again?

We will again emphasize that you shouldn’t take this footage as confirmed content or something that could arrive soon. Only DICE and Electronic Arts (EA) can confirm whether we will eventually see this. It certainly looks promising though. In the past, the studio indicated that they want parity in terms of the number of maps found across single-player and multiplayer game modes. It appears that they’re trying to expand this principle across all game modes, not just arcade and galactic assault.


Screenshot from Dylan Rocket‘s video


Heroes vs. Villains in Crait certainly makes sense. One of the Last Jedi’s most iconic scenes took place there. We could easily imagine some pretty intense battles taking place in Crait. The mode is using the outdoor portion of the map with the AT-M6s standing at a distance. There are some tunnels that offer some cover but for the most part, the battles would take place on the surface (as they should).

The video also shows some Strike mode footage in Crait although it indicates that it’s largely unfinished. Unlike Heroes vs. Villains, it uses the map’s indoor portion. If this is made available, we will be fighting for objectives in the caves of the mine which again is a nice addition to the game.


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