Janina Gavankar talks AAA games in GamesBeat Summit 2018

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You probably know Janina Gavankar from her work in Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII). In many ways, her portrayal of Iden Versio and her subsequent appearances after the game’s release have been one of the brightest spots of the game in terms of publicity. Even though she portrays a fictional character, she’s a very passionate gamer and a self-proclaimed geek. Gavankar is also quite active in the gaming industry since she frequently partners with AAA as well as Indie gaming studios.

She recently attended the GamesBeat summit where she made some rather passionate statements about the industry and teased about her upcoming projects. Her talk was covered by VentureBeat that posted a relevant article.



Janina Gavankar talks AAA games in GamesBeat Summit

According to the article posted at VentureBeat, Janina challenged big-name game studios to get out of their typical mindset. She highlighted that while looking at the data is good, it’s always better to try to do something new. Part of that effort deals with understanding your audience’s wants and needs.

“I have triple-A fatigue, and I have felt like this for a while,” said Gavankar. “Why am I playing games that I could’ve played in 2007 except with better graphics?”

Her passion for video games also led her to create a private, invite-only forum called “The Forum” that is only for game industry people. Janina challenged AAA game industry developers to spend some time understanding their audience’s wants and needs.

“If you don’t have something that hits gamers’ hearts, you’re not going to reach them,”

In her closing remarks, she highlighted that future entertainment will be more interactive and won’t be limited to a single medium. She’s currently working on a project that aspires to bridge current limitations but didn’t offer many details about them.


A word about the GamesBeat Summit

The GamesBeat summit is taking place in Mill Valley, Northern California and focuses on the future of gaming. It hosts a number of different studios and publishers who discuss the next big thing. Some of the topics covered:

  • The intersection of sci-fi, games, and tech
  • Platforms: Where to place your bets? AR, VR, & more
  • Creating a culture of inspiration and creativity
  • Emerging markets for games
  • Monetization: How to acquire and retain users
  • Esports and building the community
  • Deals: Follow the money/li>
  • Diversity and the expanding ecosystem
  • Early Access as a business model
  • How mods can launch new game genres


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