Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

Staying in beautiful luxury villa in Bali doesnt be so expensive. Even though Bali Villas are among the cheapest price but the quality is still high. So you will save a lot of money especially when you compare it with the rent of a quality room prices.

Here some list about Kuta Bali Villa Prices that can be your references for rent the best place for spend your holiday in Kuta Bali.

1. Kutaville

Located in near the vibrant Seminyak area, this villa is just few blocks away from restaurant, night clubs, boutiques, art shops and about 10 minutes strool from beach.

Pricelist :

  • 4,760 INR / night onwards
  • 68 USD / night onwards
  • 941,640 IDR / night onwards

2. The Surya Kuta Villa

This villa is considered by the one of the best Kuta Villa. Its located at strolling distance to prime dining & entertainment venues of Kuta and Seminyak.This villa ensuses tranquility and solitude for guest by despite placed strategically on shore and rendered by the popular attractions.

Pricelist :

  • 7,350 INR / night
  • 105 USD / night
  • 1,454,003 IDR / night

3. DWina Villa

Just about 10 minutes from Kuta Beach, this villa have several spacious outdoor decks with special private pools that sorrounded by lanscaped of beautiful gardens for you. You can also pamper yourself or family that come with you to have relaxing message at cozy paradise orexplore the most popular spots in Kuta Bali, including Legian and Seminyak.

Pricelist :

  • 7,700 INR /night
  • 110 USD /night
  • 1,523,242 IDR / night

Thats arethe list of Kuta Bali Villa Prices that can be your references when you looking for Bali Villas that suitable with your budget. You can choose one of the from Bali Villas R Us. Lets enjoy your holiday in Kuta Bali with the one of recommended villas above.

By Drajad