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Official EA Star Wars Channel


The official YouTube channel for EA Star Wars games featuring Star Wars Battlefront II & Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Here you will find the latest and greatest officially released videos and news.


Red Wolf


Red Wolf’s goal is to help new and struggling players get better in multiplayer games so they can better enjoy their experience. We all have to start somewhere, and it’s harder for some than others.




Battlefront Updates


Probably the most popular channel for  Star Wars Battlefront II news coverage, gameplay details & much more! If you’re looking for a channel to cover all your Star Wars gaming needs look no further.



Massive G


Massive G streams epic almost daily and focuses and a variety of games including Star Wars Battlefront 2. He was a part of the people participating on EAPlay and streaming their content during Star Wars Battlefront 2’s gameplay reveal. Visit his channel for the latest and greatest information on upcoming games.




AZZATRU makes Star Wars Battlefront II & Titanfall 2 videos! The content uploaded mainly is Battlefront News Updates, Tips & Tricks and more! I cover Titanfall 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2 news and more Star Wars games like the open world 3rd person shooter! This is a family/child friendly channel as there is no profanity.


Star Wars HQ


The channel of twin brothers that cover Star Wars Battlefront 2, Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi, Star Wars Rebels, The Clone Wars and do videos on theories, what if, livestreams, news updates multiplayer gameplay on PS4 Pro, Xbox, and PC!






Sage and Sam Goodwin Host The Star Wars Battlefront Podcast. Battlefront Is The New Iteration Of The Classic First And Third Person Shooter First Developed In 2004. Set in the Star Wars Universe This Shooter Places You In The Role Of The Rebel Or Stormtrooper Fighting In The Battles of Star Wars.




The Jodo Cast is your Star Wars gaming podcast! We cover all of Star Wars gaming on our show. You’ll hear about all the tabletop games from Fantasy Flight Games such as X-Wing Miniatures, Imperial Assault, the role-playing game, and the Living Card Game, as well as coverage of all the titles from Electronic Arts, including Battlefront, The Old Republic, and everything that’s yet to come! We also dig into our library of old Star Wars games like the classic LucasArts PC games X-Wing and TIE Fighter, and the much-loved Customizable Card Game from Decipher.

They also, so dig into our library of old Star Wars games like the classic LucasArts PC games X-Wing and TIE Fighter, and the much-loved Customizable Card Game from Decipher.





Before you spawn back in, we’ve got all your gaming news and needs. We’re a podcast that gives you all the news and our opinions on the latest games. We know Mondays can beat you down, and you gotta respawn, so before you continue on with your week join us for Respawn Monday.

The newest Star Wars Battlefront podcast out there. Give them a shot!






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