SWBFII milestone completion patched; list of upcoming bug fixes published


Over the last week, we wrote about a very annoying bug that’s currently affecting all players. The milestone completion bug, as it became known, affects all platforms, and prevents players from receiving their rewards after meeting the requirements of a challenge. It was the number one reported issues in social media, as well as, official forums. Inquisitive fans also found a workaround for it. Luckily today we also got a fix for the issue.


DICE comments on the issue

Earlier today, Ali Hassoon, Producer at DICE posted the following message on Twitter:

Please note, that according to some reports, it takes some time before all impacted players receive their rewards. Considering the number of players experiencing it, it could take a little bit. There were already reports of people receiving their rewards.


List of identified bugs posted at the forums

In addition to the fix above, community manager Mat Everett (aka Sledgehammer) posted the following message over the official forums. He noted that this is not an all-inclusive list and he will be working to update it as new items emerge. No timeline for fixing these has been provided, however, he noted that these are the primary items that the team is looking into. The list will be updated as items are resolved.




Equipment and vehicles


Other gameplay and performance issues


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