Mistake or intended action? Geonosis referenced in SWBFII patch notes


Clone Army

Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) fans get today what they have long been waiting for. Season 2, or the Han Solo season, is getting released today. With it, it brings a number of changes as well as new content including a new game mode and Jabba’s Palace as a map.

As always, part of the usual pre-release actions, DICE released a series of patch notes that we referenced in separate posts. One of the things that quickly caught the eye of many fans was an interesting reference.


Geonosis referenced in SWBFII patch notes!

In the original version of the patch notes, some fans noticed the following:


In the (very rare) occasion that you don’t know, Geonosis was a very popular map in the original SWBFII developed by Pandemic. The map was inspired by the Star Wars prequel trilogy movies and has always been a favorite SWBFII fan location. Geonosis was the place where the most pivotal battles of Clone Wars took place.If you have been following the community for quite some time, then you know that fans have been asking for more Clone Wars content.

A screenshot from the original Geonosis, Spire map found in Pandemic’s SWBFII


Some background context

Since the original version of the patch notes went live, the post was corrected and the reference to Geonosis was removed. Of course, it didn’t take long before fans started speculating whether it was an honest mistake or an intended action. Ben Walke, who posted the patch notes yesterday, corrected the original post. In specific, he said that this particular line was meant to reference another map.


 Why this reference is more than just an honest mistake

Considering what has been happening over the past week, we can certainly understand why some people weren’t convinced by Ben’s statement. After Season 2 details got published some SWBFII fans were disappointed. They criticized DICE about the lack of brand new content. In addition, they claimed that the studio is re-using old assets from the 2015 version of the game.

There is a chance that this was more than just an honest mistake. Lucasfilm and, in extension Disney, are pretty strict about their content approvals. In other words, it takes quite a bit of time before information about upcoming SWBFII content gets approvals. This makes very difficult for EA and DICE to pre-announce what they’re working on. At the same time, fans are eager to learn more about what’s coming. It could be the case that Geonosis is the studio’s way of giving fans a heads up that Clone Wars is coming.


Why this reference is just an honest mistake

Of course, the reference to Geonosis could well be an honest mistake. Tight timelines always drive game development and that was somewhat reflected in the patch notes. There were quite a few grammatical errors when we were going through them. This could indicate that patch notes were rushed out in order to make the launch date.



Mistake or intended action?

We have no way of knowing if Geonosis is coming to SWBFII or not. Whether its reference is a mistake or intended action remains to be seen. In many cases, fanbase wishful thinking ends up becoming fact in social media. When that wishful thinking doesn’t turn out to be true, fans get disappointed.

For that reason, we highly advise that to wait and see until there is a formal announcement from DICE. For now, the official DICE statement is that Geonosis was referenced by mistake. Until the studio comes out and says otherwise that’s what you should take out of this story.


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