Mod Watch: 442nd Battalion, new TIE cockpit and more!


442nd Battalion

This particular mod takes the appearance of clones from the original Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) and adds them to the game. It’s also compatible with online play and includes all-new textures created from scratch. The mod was created by Orthohex and can be downloaded from here.


Single Player TIE cockpit in Multiplayer

Ever wanted to use the cockpit seen in the single-player campaign in multiplayer? Now you can! This mod makes the TIE X1, Interceptor and Fighter use the first person mesh from Iden’s TIE Fighter found in the campaign. You can download from here, courtesy of CosmicDreams.


8K Darth Vader mod

Darth Vader gets a facelift! The mod created by Benjamoose, re-textures Vader from head-to-toe and makes him 8K-friendly. It includes custom face-mask grills, custom fabric detailing, manually rebuilt normal/specular maps and much more! You can download it from this link.


“A New Hope” Han Solo skin

Han Solo gets another skin, this time from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The mod adds Han’s iconic skin to the game by removing his beard and giving him his iconic blue pants. The mod was created by Satan and GameTSF and can be found here.


Hero Ships in arcade

In its current version, SWBFII supports hero ships in Starfighter Assault only. This mod repurposes the ships and adds them to single-player! The modder, ValeR, added Hero, Villian and all infantry vehicles from Starfighter Assault. You can download it from here.

Video by Darth Vader Modding


Sunset in Kamino

Getting tired of the constant rain in Kamino? This mod fixes this problem by changing the planet’s weather. The mod created by Dragons Vader replaces the storm on Kamino with a sunset. You can find it right here.

Video by Darth Vader Modding


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