SWBFII Mod Watch: Captain Rex, Outer Rim Heroes, and more!

author image by Elr1c | Mods | 0 Comments | March 5, 2018

The flood of Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII) mods continues this week. For example, this past week saw the release of 20+ mods for the game. The creativity of fans has no boundaries as we continue to discover week after week. Here are the ones that caught our attention.


Captain Rex Rebel Outfit

Captain Rex appeared in Star Wars Rebels as an older version of himself and now makes his appearance in SWBFII! It’s essentially a new outfit addition to the game. The mod was created by Mango1224 and can be downloaded from here.


Outer Rim heroes

Outer Rim is one of the more popular DLC of the original DICE SWBF. It introduced Nien Numb and Greedo as playable heroes in addition to a series of maps and a new game mode. A lot of fans have been asking for the return of these two heroes. Modder FegeeWaters decided to create a mod for them! The mod is available for download here.


Leia Vader

What if Leia Organa turned evil and followed her father’s footsteps? This mod imagines this alternate scenario and puts it into perspective. More specifically, it introduces a new version of Leia who’s evil and replaces Darth Vader. The mod was developed by Gabortonov, is multiplayer-compatible and can be downloaded from here.


91st Recon Mod

The 91st served under the leadership of many Jedi generals including Mace Windu. Clone troopers of the legion made their appearance in many episodes of the Clone Wars animated series, as well as, Star Wars Episode III.  This particular mod adds Commander Neyo, the Arc Trooper Storm, Commander Trigg, and the 91st Recon Corps into SWBFII! It was developed by Spectre and can be downloaded right here.


First Order Executioner

First Order executioners made brief appearances during the latest Star Wars movies. In specific, they represent the judicial branch of the order and ensure that all troopers remain loyal. The mod turns your First Order infantry into fearsome Executioner Stormtroopers. In addition, it incorporates weathered outfits as well as, regular variants. It was developed by Orthohex and can be downloaded from here.


Your mod right here!

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