Mod Watch: Conquest for SWBFII, Imperial Shadow Officer, and more!

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Clone Army

Imperial Shadow Officer

The mod brings back an outfit that was popular in the 2015 version of Star Wars Battlefront.  With Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBFII), the outfit was never available. Luckily, this mod restores the outfit. It replaces the default Imperial officer skin. You can download it from this link.


Colored ranks

Colored ranks add some interesting functionality to SWBFII. It essentially gives your class ranks a certain color depending on its level like the old star card level system. The current version of the mod only works well with troopers since it works with a max level of 70. It was developed by Cade and you can download it from here.



Star Wars fans got their first glimpse of Mudtroopers as part of Solo: A Star Wars story. Now, SWBFII fans get to experience the trooper in the game. The mod replaces the default officer skin with a mud trooper. It was put together by AT and is available here.


Ben Solo for arcade

What if Ben Solo never turned to the Dark Side? This particular mod bypasses canon and re-imagines Ben’s path. It’s essentially a blend of Han Solo’s skin with the one of Kylo Ren. The mod was created by “keyboardken” and is available here.


Commander Ganch’s 612th attack battalion

The mod adds Commander Ganch’s 612th attack battalion to SWBFII. The mod will add markings for all classes. This includes including jump troopers, as well as, Commander Ganch who is playable as a hero. In addition, it adds custom loading screens to the game. It was put together by MandalorianBussines and is available here.

Conquest for SWBFII

You might have heard of the name Uninspired Zebra before. In the past, they have created a number of impressive mods, including pod racing for SWBFII. In addition, they’re one of the best-known community data miners. Their latest release brings to SWBFII something that fans have been asking for quite some time now. The original game of Battlefront included a Conquest game mode. Sadly, the game mode never made it to the current iteration of the game. Uninspired Zebra’s latest game mode fixes that. The mod is truly impressive. While no download link is provided, it’s simply stunning what a single fan was able to achieve.




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